Pradelles-Cabardès, a nice village in 'La Montagne Noire'

Welcome in Joly Services ' Website. We are located in Pradelles-Cabardès.

Joly Services Can Help you with day to day life in France

If you decide to sit up in France, call us now !

You have a house in France ?

You come on Holidays ? We take care of All ! Garden, House, transport and more !

Located in Pradelles-Cabardès, we are working in Aude, Tarn and Herault.

It's a pleasure to be able to help you, we work in many villages around Pradelles-Cabardès.

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Nothing is too much troubles. We can Help you ? We will do it !


In the majority of French offices, English is not spoken and we can help guide you through the bureaucratic process when you sitting up home in France.Once you have sit up home in France, we can help you with the day to day. Running that will give you peace of mind.These include :
  • Administrative help, with formalities
  • Home and garden maintenance
  • TV, Internet, computing, satellite Installations.
  • Help with energy company.
  • Translations.
  • French Lessons
  • Aerial photos and videos
  • Etc.

Nothing is too much trouble,just ask and we will do it

Administrative _______________________HELP !

Administrative _______________________HELP !
Help with administrative French Jungle

French ______________________Lessons

French ______________________Lessons
Simple & Fast Method to be able to survive in French !